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About Us

We Provide Real Estate Solutions ChicagoLand.

Our company provides Real Estate solutions to homeowners who need to sell their homes quickly. We know  circumstances can change without warning, we understand and are here to help. You might need to sell your house due to job loss, job location change, inheritance, divorce, foreclosure or other reasons. The decision to sell your home is sometimes a tough one but Ground Breaking Investments is here to make it easier.

We Get It

When you want or need to sell your house for whatever reason, we're here to help, and we understand selling isn't easy, But what if it were?  What if you could  find a qualified buyer, sign the paperwork and close in a matter of weeks instead of months? Well. now you can! Ground Breaking Investments makes it that easy!


When you call or subscribe to our email Ground Breaking can make it just that easy. Why wait months and pay large commissions and holding costs when you don't have to? Remember while you wait to sell your house you're still paying your mortgage, interest, taxes, and insurance the whole time. Just imagine how much you can save by working with us. We get it sold and save you time and money. It's a No Brainer,Don't wait!, Call or Subscribe Now.

How It Works

Our Simple Process

We make it very easy to sell your house, from start to finish.

We Come to You

A member of our acquisition team will come to your home (don't worry they're all nice people) and evaluate your situation to make sure we can provide you with personalized real estate solutions on your terms. We ONLY make an agreement when it's a win for you and us.

You Sign, That's It!

After we've evaluated your situation and your house meets the criteria we present you with all the documents you need to sign. You just sign the required documents and that's it! ( easy, right?) If you like easy call, or type your email in the subscribe box, we can't wait to help.


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